Build a better healthcare system by reinventing the way healthcare payers and providers work together to improve care quality and lower costs.


Make it radically easier for healthcare organizations to build highly successful value-based payment relationships.


by Christopher Pilkington, Founder

“For value-based economics to successfully replace today’s broken pay-for-volume system, buyers and sellers of healthcare need radically transparent and easy-to-use tools for measuring and transacting value.”

These tools must be flexible, intuitive, and highly scalable—capable of handling billions of transactions annually. Of the $3 trillion in annual healthcare spending in the U.S., more than $2.2 trillion travels through commercial and government insurers and payers. These organizations’ transaction platforms are primarily built for one purpose: paying by volume, claim by claim.

Qcentive was conceived with the sole mission of making it radically easier to manage value-based relationships in healthcare. We incorporate cost and quality metrics, along with consumer satisfaction and economic incentives, in a unified, easy-to-use platform that enables healthcare payers, providers, and consumers to build successful value-based relationships.

Transparency and simplicity are core principles in everything we build. We learn by listening to common pain points in the industry: how lack of trust, inaccurate data, misaligned incentives, and administrative complexity are undermining the core mission of healthcare.

We have a huge head start, building on the proven know-how of our partner Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts and its highly successful Alternative Quality Contract. This program represents the largest body of value-based payment experience in the U.S. commercial sector. Studies by Harvard Medical School and others found the AQC has sustainably improved the quality of patient care, reduced disparity and lowered costs.*

The unique combination of Qcentive’s powerful payment platform, industry-leading expertise, and comprehensive services makes it easier than ever to support evolving value-based payment models.

Our ultimate goal? Make it easy to manage value-based payments in healthcare.


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