Value-based payment programs are critical building blocks of a more effective and efficient healthcare system. By linking payment to quality and cost goals, these incentive models reward providers that deliver value in managed care. But traditional value-based programs also have pain points, such as administrative complexity, inaccurate data, and ineffective communication between payers and providers.

Now there’s Qcentive. We make it radically easier to create, manage, and settle value-based contracts for maximum results. Wherever your organization is on the journey to value, we will meet you there and help you reach your goal.

No other company does what Qcentive does.
And value-based payment is all we do.

Here’s what makes us different.

Powerful Platform

  • Best-in-class value-based payment platform for planning, executing, and settling value-based contracts—consistently and seamlessly.
  • Integrates all key functions required to operate a successful payment program.
  • Lets you share data and methods among stakeholders throughout the value-based payment lifecycle.
  • Automated and scalable.
  • Tools, templates, and methodologies embedded in a flexible and secure design.
  • Effective reporting tools for presenting and sharing insights, including data visualization and “drill-down” capabilities.

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Deep Expertise

  • Knowledgebase derived from the largest body of value-based experience in the US for commercial payers: $25 billion processed through value-based contracts.
  • Leadership team with decades of experience in healthcare operations, analytics, payment, and enterprise IT.
  • Expert advisors available to help design optimal programs, assess performance, and prioritize opportunities.

Comprehensive Solutions

  • Full suite of applications and methodologies adaptable to your programs and tied to contractual terms for your stakeholders.
  • Advanced analytics provide actionable insights and a clear and transparent path to achieving value.
  • Save time and money and ensure your program will deliver the results you expect.
  • Capabilities can be used in a modular or comprehensive way—choose a single solution, package a few, or let us help design and implement your program from the ground up.

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Would you like to create new and effective value-based relationships?