Our View of the Market

Value-based payment continues to grow.

Healthcare has reached a tipping point in the adoption of value-based relationships.



healthcare benefits will feature value-based incentive contracts by 2021.



are targeted for quality- and value-payment models by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.



have active Medicaid ACO, Delivery System Incentive or other payment reform models in place.


Strategy and existing processes are not enough.

Most healthcare payers know they must transition to value-based payment, yet they’re challenged by fee-for-service transaction infrastructures and outdated analytic capabilities. Providers, too, are willing to enter into value-based programs but want transparency and better information to manage their contracts. Meanwhile, the employer and government purchasers demand better payment strategies and want evidence of program effectiveness.

Marketplace uncertainty is a major issue.

A volatile policy landscape creates unpredictability in healthcare. But value-based payment is here to stay, and payers and providers must be ready to adapt to changes in both national and local markets.

How We Qcentivize Value-Based Payment

We drive volume to value through a completely new paradigm.

Qcentive offers a bold new vision for value-based payment. We combine industry expertise, innovative methods, and first-in-class technology to integrate all key functions required to operate a successful payment program.

 Fee-for-ServiceCurrent Value-Based ProgramsQcentive
How effectively does payment drive cost and quality improvements?PoorlyModeratelyStrongly (enhanced by effective program and contract design and stakeholder analytics)
How accurate are payments and settlements?Generally accurateLess accurateAccurate and repeatable at scale
How are administration and technology involved?Established systems and proceduresComplex systems, manual processes, labor-intensiveCloud-based, automated, integrated across key functions
Who supports the program?In-house staff or outsourcedIn-house staff or outsourced (with challenging communication and workflow)In-house staff and all stakeholders (enabled by an integrated, consistent platform)
How complex are payment operations?Complicated, but systems in placeComplicated, often inefficient and ineffectiveRadically easier. More efficient. Promotes program success
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We create new value in healthcare.

Qcentive’s solutions drive performance for all healthcare stakeholders.


enjoy transparency and open collaboration with payers, accurate and clear settlement reports, and benchmarks and real-time analytics that highlight opportunities to improve.


reduce complexity and achieve results with consistent contracting strategies, effective negotiation with providers, and real-time reports enabling multi-stakeholder collaboration.


understand value-based program design and success, including specific recommendations for educating employees and aligning benefit designs.


experience more coordinated, affordable, and higher quality healthcare and are empowered through better information to make decisions about their own care.

We make sure our customers can adapt to any situation.

Healthcare is subject to many shifting winds—national and state regulations, economic and social policy, and organizational budgets, to name a few. Yet through it all, payers and providers must steadily improve cost and quality.

Qcentive makes this work radically easier. We know what works, so our customers achieve success right away. Our solutions—used standalone or as a complete system—are designed to adapt to precise needs and programs.

Put Qcentive to work for your healthcare organization.