Contract Design & Modeling

Contract Design & Modeling

Select, design, and model value-based contracts that fit your unique needs.

Your Situation

When selecting and designing a value-based payment strategy, you first need to assess the market and the potential impact of various incentive models.

How will your new value-based payment models affect provider revenue?   

Have you identified partners that present the greatest opportunity for success? 

Are you negotiating contracts that enable sustainable, “win-win” relationships?

Can you quickly determine the impact of launching new contract designs?



What We Do

Qcentive’s powerful solutions offer:

  • Sophisticated contract modeling and forecasting, incorporating historical data and user-controlled assumptions.
  • Contract templates that address critical issues like incentives, quality metrics, and provider protections.
  • Tools to compare the impact of various alternative contract scenarios.
  • Strategies and support for effective negotiations.
  • User-friendly interfaces and reports that help contract managers focus on what’s important.

How can Qcentive assist your organization with contract design and modeling?