Streamline and automate capture of contract terms. Reduce administrative burden and promote consistency.

Your Situation

Managing contract terms as they evolve over time is a challenge, especially with complex variations across contracts and partners.

Do you have easy access to your value-based contracts and prior period results? 

Do your systems support effective collaboration among internal stakeholders (actuarial, finance, network management, quality teams) as you negotiate new contracts and renewals? 

Can you ensure consistency across your contracts, terms and negotiation approach?



What We Do

Qcentive supports your contract management workflow through our powerful platform, tools, templates, and consulting services. We help promote consistency across your organization and capture contract information effectively and reliably.

  • Rely on Qcentive as a consistent “source of truth” to guide your program administration, contract design, performance measurement, and settlement.
  • Easily access contract terms and historical performance.
  • Link contract terms to modeling, measurement, and settlement needs.
  • Encapsulate contract terms using standard templates.
  • Leverage industry-standard contract measures and scoring schemas.
  • Support a wide range of value-based models, including population total cost of care and bundled payment designs.

Count on Qcentive for value-based contract management.