Contract Settlement

Contract Settlement

Promote consistency, accuracy, and trust among contracting parties when calculating settlements under your value-based payment program.

Your Situation

The stakes are high: More dollars than ever are flowing through value-based contracts. Accurate performance measurement and financial settlement are essential to maintaining program effectiveness and ongoing collaboration among payers and providers.

Are your value-based settlements accurate the first time around? 

Is your settlement process integrated with your legacy transaction systems?



What We Do

Payers and providers can trust Qcentive as the “source of truth” for accurate and transparent contract settlements, faithfully linked to negotiated contract terms. Features include:

  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual financial settlements (both estimated and final).
  • Application of all contractual adjustments, including stop-loss.
  • Performance-adjusted surplus/deficit results based on quality scoring.

Calculate your financial settlements more consistently, accurately, and easily.