Uncover new meaning in contract performance results. Pinpoint areas for improvement.

Your Situation

A clear, transparent view of performance under a value-based contract is essential for communication and improvement.

Can you track program performance in a timely manner? 

Do healthcare providers understand how they’re doing on an ongoing basis and how to improve?



What We Do

Qcentive’s first-in-class value-based payment platform—with its wide range of methodologies and reports—gives you timely access to performance results and opportunities for improvement.

  • Our measurement and reporting solutions include payer-facing and provider-facing dashboards and easy-to-use “drill-down” reports.
  • Advanced analytics enable providers to track performance against specific goals and identify actionable, prioritized, and quantified ways to improve.
  • Solutions can be linked to legacy transaction systems to facilitate automation, accuracy, and efficiency.
  • Standard reports describe cost and quality performance across providers, while other measures are tied to specific providers or contracts.
  • User-friendly interfaces reveal key details and drivers of performance.

Shed light on your organization’s value-based program results.