Program Assessment

Program Assessment

Evaluate all aspects of your value-based program. Identify opportunities to optimize and redesign.

Your Situation

Design of your value-based payment program depends on your organization’s size, your benefit products, your stakeholders, and their experience with incentive-driven payment. You might be evaluating an existing program or investigating new initiatives.

Is your value-based contracting program achieving desired results?

How do you adjust to improve results? Increase provider adoption?



What We Do

Qcentive’s expert advisory team uses proven models to measure your program results and ROI. We assess all aspects of your program and operation, including data quality, measurement, reporting, contracting, and provider engagement and support. We will:

  • Thoroughly analyze your historical data and existing or potential design methodologies and templates.
  • Identify opportunities for your market based on insurance products and funding, network characteristics, competitive and regulatory environments, and other factors.
  • Recommend program designs based on population-based or bundled payment models.
  • Create an operational readiness and implementation plan to ensure success.
  • Use results to perform impact analyses.


Let Qcentive recommend the best value-based approach for your organization.